The vastness and the complexity within our universe have always intrigued me, and was only intensified as I grew up during the Space Race of the 1960s. With the introduction of the Hubble Telescope the immense beauty and grandeur of the Cosmos has become the primary component of my artwork.From nearby stars, to nebula, and galaxy clusters, space is the place where my imagination soars.

I am a self-taught artist working in a variety of mediums that include acrylics, aerosol, and resin. This diverse combination of mediums produces a vivid and brilliant color spectrum that I enjoy working with. I have won a number of awards in Art Shows, Science Fiction Conventions as well as Star Trek related conventions, in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey areas. I enjoy participating at various Astronomy Events that include Star Parties at Cherry Springs State Park in North Central Pennsylvania, to the  Green Bank Radio Telescope home of the Central Appalachian Astronomy Club of West Virginia, as well as the largest Astronomy Forum on the planet- NEAF- North East Astronomy Forum in Suffern NY.



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